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Attend our 15-Day Online Bootcamp that Transforms your Idea into a Business.

Upcoming Event: Jumpstart Your Business Bootcamp

Purchase tickets to our Bootcamp. Seats are limited.

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Ideas don't make money, businesses do.

Leaving a well paying job to pursue a business idea can be risky!

Not to mention all the long hours and hard work you need to put into building a successful business. 

So before you decide to take the leap, test if your idea is worth pursuing. 

Generate paying customers for your business idea before you invest thousands of dollars in creating your products and services.

Learn from the biggest startup success stories like Uber, Google and Amazon. Follow in their footsteps and learn from their mistakes so that you can get a head-start in your business. 

This 15-day Bootcamp is a perfect way to get that idea out of your head and validate it with target customers. Test if your idea has a willing market of paying customers and if it is worth pursuing.

Forge a new path!

Bootcamp Details

Sunday, 05 Sep - Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

5 x Weekend Group Sessions (Online)

9am - 1pm AEST (4 hours)

  • Day 1: Sun, 05 Sep

  • Day 7: Sat, 11 Sep

  • Day 8: Sun, 12 Sep

  • Day 14: Sat, 18 Sep

  • Day 15: Sun, 19 Sep

10 x  Weekday Exercises

30 minutes, guided by emails

  • Day 2 - Day 6: Mon, 06 Sep - Fri 10, Sep

  • Day 9 - Day 13: Mon, 13 Sep - Fri, 17 Sep

Limited to 5 participants 


Working with Sangeeta was very easy. The sessions were organised, flowing and thought provoking and most importantly, propelled us to take action and better understand the exact channels we could access to sell our services to support our target market and clients.

Lisa & Natalie

Take a peek into what is covered. . . 

Day 1 - Weekend Group Session (4 hours, Online)


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Building a business is very different to working in someone else's business. We will explore your mindset and identify what you need specifically to build your entrepreneurial  grit and capacity.

Business Ideation 

Having an idea is a great starting point. However knowing if your idea can become an actual business or not is where the gold is. Here you will learn to ideate for business and make your idea worth pursuing.

Empathy Interviews

The primary purpose  of any business is to serve customers. In this segment you will learn how to interview your potential customers using design thinking tools. Learn the best way your business can impact and serve your customers.

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Business Meeting
Therapy Session

Day 2 - Day 6 - Weekday Exercises (30 mins per day)


Idea Validation

In these 5 days of offline exercises, you will start validating your ideas with your first set of potential customers. You will use Empathy Interview techniques and Ideation tools from Day 1 to do this.


The focus will be to get information from your first set of potential customers and learn how to derive valuable insights.

Exercises will be guided via email.

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Day 7 - Weekend Group Session (4 hours, Online)


Business Model Creation

Using the insights from your customer interviews, you will design your first business model. A business model is a structured framework to understand how you will execute your idea in the market and how you will make money from it. You will gain clarity and direction for your business idea. You will identify and refine the 12 key segments that your business model must have. 

Day 8 - Weekend Group Session (4 hours, Online)

Ideal Customer Personas

More often than not, businesses assume their first set of customers are their ideal customers.They are not. They are the most important stepping stone to identifying and reaching your ideal customers. In this segment you will define your ideal customer using the 'customer persona' concept. This means creating an extensive visual profile of your most ideal customer.

Customer Targeting

Once you have defined your customer, the focus will be to go deep into your customer's problems and expectations. This segment will let you further refine your ideal customers, the ones that will value your business and the ones that you are excited to serve. You will also learn where to find them and how to reach them.

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Business Team
Image by Brooke Cagle

Day 9 - Day 13 - Weekday Exercises (30 mins per day)


Business Model Validation

In this second week of offline exercises, you will find your ideal customers and seek to interview them with a different set of advanced tools. Develop deep insights into your ideal customers and uncover how to align your value proposition to your ideal customers.


Exercises will be guided via email.


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Day 14 - Weekend Group Session (4 hours, Online)


Unique Value Proposition

In this segment you will learn to identify what is your unique about your business. What is it that you can solve for your customer which your competitors and other businesses cannot solve. How can you differentiate your product and services from other businesses.

User Journey Mapping

Knowing who your customer is and where to reach them is important, but understanding at which point in your customer's buying process you can intercept and position yourself is the true game changer. In this segment you will do an extensive mapping of your customer's buying process and find exact exact time in the cycle to reach them and convert them into paying customers.  

Day 15 - Weekend Group Session (4 hours, Online)

Final Business Model

Armed with all these great insights and information, you will now refine and finalise your Business Model, the first roadmap to make your business dreams come true. Your business plan.

Validated Lead List

With a deep understanding of your customers - who they are, where to find them, when to reach them and how to convert them into paying customers - you will now create a lead list. A list of your real-world validated and ideal customers who will be willing to pay you money.

Bonus: Best Business Model & Validation

As a final activity, participants will vote for their peers by best business model and validation conducted during the 15-day bootcamp. Winner will take away a $500 worth one-on-one business mentoring deal to execute your business plan and make your idea a reality!

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Image by Daria Nepriakhina

I've attended a lot of sessions on starting a business but no one has given me tools like these to validate my ideas.


Image by Compare Fibre

What you will walk away with. . . 

Image by krakenimages


  • Clarity in developing an entrepreneurial mindset


  • Alignment of your business idea and your purpose


  • Tools to understand your customers with empathy


  • Frameworks to identify who your ideal customers are 


  • Strategies for when and how to reach you customers

  • Your unique value proposition vs. competitors


  • Courage to chase your business dream


  • Confidence to take your business idea to the next level


  • Access to a powerful Accountability group 


  • A Validated Business Model and Business Plan 


  • List of Profitable Customers (validated real-world customers)​


BONUS: $500 worth of one-on-one business-mentoring to make your business idea a reality, if you have the best business model and validation in the group.

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Who is the bootcamp for . . .

  • Corporate professionals wanting to start their own business

  • First-time founders looking to accelerate their start-up


  • Small business owners with a new product or service idea


  • Aspiring founders keen to learn business skills


  • Individuals with one or many business ideas to validate

  • Entrepreneurs aiming to take their business off the ground or had one too many false starts​

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Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 2.43.50 PM.png

Before working with Sangeeta we had an idea for our business, but we were not sure where to start and how to successfully execute it. Working with her gave us a lot more information on how to build a winning business, information we would not be able to source on our own. She has a wide range of experience and knowledge that really makes the difference between a business doing ok and a business developing into a great success story. Thank you Sangeeta, we highly recommend you to others.

Pauline & Natasha

Change your game, not your aim!

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Purchase your ticket to secure a spot in the 15-day Bootcamp

Enrolments are strictly limited to 5 people

If you have any questions or want to clarify something, email us at or click here to book a zoom call


Satisfaction Guarantee

At Jumpstart Studio, we are committed to the success of our clients. We are certain that you will benefit from your attendance in the bootcamp. However, if you complete the 15-day program and carry out all required activities but are not completely satisfied, we will be happy to refund the fees. Please notify us via email within 2 days of program completion. All completed materials will need to be returned along with all your customer contact details for verification of full completion of required activities.

Client Testimonials

If you want to grow and learn, Sangeeta is definitely the person you need. Not only is she a great mentor, she also always has the best advice which stems from her wealth of knowledge in the corporate and startup world. She is one of the most driven and talented women I know.


I was blown away with how much there is to learn before I start my business. As a first-time founder, working with Sangeeta is one of the best decisions I made. She completely changed my mindset and set me up for success in what I want to achieve.


 I had many ideas and wasn't sure how to execute. I was making the mistake of treating my business like another project at work. Sangeeta's practical guidance helped me start my business on the right foot.


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