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“A roadmap to make your business ideas a reality”

This book is for you. . . .
If you have the desire to start and build a business of your own.
If your own fears cripple you and stop you from getting started.
If you want to learn the shortest and surest way to make your business ideas a reality.
If you’ve taken the leap already but are struggling and not sure how to make it work.

- Sangeeta Mulchandani

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Contents of the book

Introduction: Start

Part 1: Mindset

Chapter One: Find Your Sweet Spot

Chapter Two: Embed Safety Nets

Part 2: Strategy

Chapter Three: Nail the Basics

Chapter Four: Narrow Your Focus

Part 3: Execution

Chapter Five: Talk to Your Customers

Chapter Six: Unlock Insights

Chapter Seven: Experiment

Chapter Eight: Position in the Market

Chapter Nine: Get Paying Customers

Chapter Ten: Make a Profit

Conclusion: Make It Happen


What readers say about the book

“Start Right is a clearly written guide for early-stage entrepreneurs.

Sangeeta Mulchandani has condensed many lessons from her years of business experience into a practical and useful handbook. The book helps entrepreneurs learn how their hope and passion can be realised through a practical, step-by-step process. Highly recommended.”

-Kwanghui Lim, Associate Professor, Melbourne Business School

About the Author

Sangeeta Mulchandani is a third-generation entrepreneur, who left her 15-year corporate leadership career to build her own startups and become a business strategy mentor, coach, trainer, and speaker. As the Founder of Jumpstart Studio, Mulchandani works in a hands-on fashion with early-stage entrepreneurs, to turn their ideas into commercial successes. With degrees in IT, accounting, and entrepreneurship, as well as years of experience leading multi-million-dollar projects, Mulchandani has deep insight into every aspect of business building, from concept to execution, and from leadership to finance.


Born and raised in India, Mulchandani started her career in Africa and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. She is an avid traveller, has visited and worked in 41 countries, and speaks four languages. She brings a global perspective to her work and believes that entrepreneurs have the power to create a better world for the future. She works with prestigious organisations like LaunchVic, the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School, RMIT University, and Startup India, where she designs and facilitates startup accelerator programs, teaches the foundations of entrepreneurship, and mentors hundreds of early-stage founders every year.  

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