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Empowering 1 million founders and professionals worldwide

Our  Story

Founded in 2021 by Sangeeta Mulchandani, a third-generation entrepreneur and former corporate leader with a global footprint spanning six continents, Jumpstart Studio embodies a vision for empowerment.


Our mission at Jumpstart Studio is bold: to empower one million founders and professionals to wholeheartedly embrace the startup and innovation way of life. We firmly believe that founders, visionaries, and corporate innovators possess the transformative power to positively reshape the world and foster generational sustainability.


In our pursuit of this mission, we forge strategic collaborations with partners who align with our values and work ethic. Together, we meticulously design and deliver exceptional startup and innovation programs to leading institutions and organisations on a global scale.


At Jumpstart Studio, we are not just shaping the future, we are creating a collaborative ecosystem where innovation thrives and meaningful change takes root.

Partners & Practitioners

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Meet the Founder

Sangeeta Mulchandani


A third-generation entrepreneur, Sangeeta Mulchandani abandoned a 15-year stint in corporate leadership to embark on her own startup journey. After two tech startups and a consulting business, Sangeeta started Jumpstart Studio where she seamlessly melds her extensive corporate know-how with hands-on startup experience, providing invaluable insights to both early-stage entrepreneurs and large institutional organisations, helping them turn their ideas into prosperous commercial ventures.


Sangeeta excels in crafting and delivering startup and innovation programs, partnering with esteemed institutions such as LaunchVic, Deakin University, RMIT University, Melbourne Business School, and Startup India. Her influential book, "Start Right: How to Pick a Winning Business Idea and Make it Successful",initially published in 2022, serves as a comprehensive guide for aspiring and early-stage founders, assisting them in cultivating the right mindset, devising effective business strategies, and successfully executing their entrepreneurial visions.


Adding to her impressive portfolio, Sangeeta has been a Lecturer at the University of Melbourne, teaching in the Master of Entrepreneurship degree and has collaboratively taught Innovation in the Executive MBA program at Melbourne Business School.


Beyond her academic and entrepreneurial pursuits, Sangeeta has co-produced "Visible Founders" a documentary series shining the light on the challenges faced by founders of colour in Australia, elevating their stories and experiences in the startup ecosystem. Additionally, she holds the position of co-founder and Board Director at Australian Professionals of Colour, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering culturally intelligent leaders in the Australian workplace.


Originally from India and having kickstarted her career in Africa, Sangeeta currently calls Melbourne, Australia, home. A passionate traveller with experiences spanning 42 countries and proficiency in four languages, she brings a rich global perspective to her work. Rooted in her belief that entrepreneurship and innovation have the transformative power to shape a better world, Sangeeta Mulchandani continues to make impactful contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape across the globe.

Connect with Sangeeta

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